Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Venice Gym will be closed today for the First Annual VBC Holiday Classic weightlifting meet. MDR will have a regular class schedule plus open gym until 2pm. Come check out the meet, ladies lift at 10am and men at 1230. This is a great opportunity to experience the unique sport of weightlifting!




Keg Drill
PVC Dislocates/Shoulder stretches
Ankle Mobility


Run 200m
Across the floor relay race!
Line up shoulder to shoulder in even-numbered teams

event 1: 3 burpees, sprint across, 3 burpees, sprint back tag teammate.
event 2: 5 air squats, backwards run, 5 air squats, backwards run, tag
event 3: 3 pushups, broad jump down, 3 pushups, broad jump back, tag


5 rounds:
10 strict tuck or L-hang leg raises
:30 Cat Stretch

Notes: Alternating movements, the rest between sets of leg raises is the cat stretch. Tuck and L-hang leg raises start in a dead hang from the bar, then depending on your ability pull your legs up with either bent or straight legs to 90 degrees and slowly lower back to a dead hang. Control this movement, there should be no swing!


5 Rounds:
4 reps of the complex 5 Deadlift + 5 Hang Clean Thruster
400m Run

Notes: RX weight is 95/65, RX+ is 135/95. Remember that by the end of this workout you will have performed 50 clean thrusters. This is more volume than in Fran. Choose your weight accordingly. Each partner will complete the complex twice per round. Partners should alternate completing the whole barbell complex and complete the run together.

Cool Down
15 reverse snow angels
Cat Stretch
Pigeon Stretch
Straddle against wall

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