Friday, November 13, 2015

The Venice Gym will be closed this Saturday Nov. 14 for the First Annual VBC Holiday Classic weightlifting meet. MDR will have a regular class schedule plus open gym until 2pm. Come check out the meet, ladies lift at 10am and men at 1230. This is a great opportunity to experience the unique sport of weightlifting!


Suver Demonstrates a proper muscle snatch. Big extension, knees stay locked out, turn the bar over and press it out!


Keg Drill
PVC Dislocates
Ankle Mobility


Split in half.
Group 1: 700m Row
Group 2: pvc snatch warm up

5 dip shrug from 1st position
5 snatch extensions from 2nd position
5 muscle snatches from 2nd position
Repeat sequence from mid-shin position
with a barbell


Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes:

2 [Snatch Extension + Muscle Snatch + Snatch]

Notes: 2 sets of the complex every 90s. Focus is on extension with high elbows. Muscle snatch you will extend, turn the bar over without re-bending the knee, and press it out. You will be limited in load by your muscle snatch. The final snatch should feel EXACTLY like the extension, and you get under the bar!

Strength Accessory Work

3×5 Press from Snatch

Notes: Sit in the bottom of a squat with a bar on your back, hands snatch width, and press the bar off your back. You may need to use just a PVC or training bar.


8 minute AMRAP
10 Weighted Reverse Front Rack Lunge
10 Burpee over bar

Notes: RX barbell is 135/95 RX+175/115. If you have poor front rack mobility, either put the barbell on your back or hold dumbbells/kettlebells at your sides. Burpees should be lateral over the bar.

Cool Down
Foam Roll Lats
Cat Stretch
Pigeon Stretch
Straddle against wall

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