Setting the stage for long term success

In the past two posts, I discussed my specific goals about getting back in shape and the mass gain program I chose to move towards those goals.

This skill of goal setting and action plan creation is something that we see a lot of people struggle with and important for long term success.

We will be discussing more specific details over the coming weeks, but today is about reviewing our philosophy of “Everything is Everything” and setting the stage.

Your current state of health and fitness is the culmination of a lifetime of habits, activities and skills.  While CrossFit as a methodology may be the most effective and efficient general health and fitness program on the planet, it does not occur in a vacuum.

I wish it were as simple to just show up to the CrossFit group classes and all of your dreams will come true, but its not that simple.  Yes, this is a great first step, but we want to discuss the challenges that face you as an individual in a group class setting and again that term we keep using…long term success!

One question can be, why can two people of the same age, with a similar weight and appearance both perform the exact same exercise program and see drastically different results?

We hear people discuss things like genetics or that a particular training program is just not for me.  Yes genetics are real, and yes, some people do have different physiological advantages, but this is not the primary issue holding most people back.

What is rarely accounted for or discussed, are the differences in previous athletic training, utilization of nutrition and proper recovery.

Each of these areas can be viewed as the foundations for long term success in health and fitness and where everyone should begin their thought process when setting their goals and action plans.

So what should you do right now?

The number one goal and action item is simple and the same for everyone:  Develop consistency with your training and active lifestyle.  For most people this means attending CrossFit group class at least three times per week and spending 1-3 days per week performing some type of physical activity.

This is about believing in the “Everything is Everything” concept.  Believing that your health and fitness goals do not start and stop at they gym.  Viewing yourself as an athlete and behaving like one.

I know you might be thinking, yeah, yeah, I just want to lose weight and look good!  Just tell me how to do that already!

I promise we will get there and ask that you take the time to read the posts over the coming weeks.  We will be going back to the basics of why we perform certain movements, how to approach nutrition, the importance of recovery and a lot of philosophical discussions on why we believe this is the right approach to help you accomplish your goals.


Chels and I getting our stretch on!

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