Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We are bringing back AcroYoga! Wednesday night at 8pm we are hosting a monthly class that is free for members and $20 for non-members.

The Venice Gym will be closed this Saturday Nov. 14 for the First Annual VBC Holiday Classic weightlifting meet. MDR will have a regular class schedule plus open gym until 2pm. Come check out the meet, ladies lift at 10am and men at 1230. This is a great opportunity to experience the unique sport of weightlifting!


You don’t need to bring a partner for acro, there are plenty of strong people who can base and fly you! Here is James and Vincent displaying the powerful combination of a strong base and a steady flyer!


Lat Activations
Theraband Ext. Rotation
Foam Roll Thoracic Spine
Keg Drill


400m Run
With PVC
8 dislocates
8 good mornings
8 deadlifts
8 reverse grip dislocates
8 Hanging lat activations in chin up grip


10 minute Partner Strict Chin Up Ladder

Notes: Chin ups are palms facing you on the bar. We will be using these ladders to get a high volume of pulling over the next few weeks with some variations. You should be able to get more chin ups than pull ups. Partner up (or groups of 3). Partner 1 does 1 rep, partner 2 does 1 rep, partner 1 does 2 reps, partner 2 does 2 reps, partner 1 does 3 reps…and so on until you reach a predetermined number on the ladder and restart the ladder at 1. DO NOT GO TO FAILURE! If you failed the ladder at 5 reps in weeks past, just go up to 3 reps and restart with little rest. You will get more reps this way. Newer athletes should stop at 30 reps–high volume pull ups with assistance poses a safety concern. Advanced athletes getting 9+ reps on the ladder or getting time capped should add weight.


Ring Dips

Notes: RX Weight is 225/185 and you must sprint 200m after each round. RX+ is 315/205 and does not require the run. Take time to warm up and coach the deadlift before starting. Most athletes should scale the weight on this workout based on coach’s feedback, however the deadlifts are intended to be difficult. Scale ring dips with band assistance or a bench.

Cool Down

25 GHD or 50 Abmat Situps
:15 on :05 off plank for 2 minutes
Foam Roll Thoracic Spine, Tricep smash
Cat Stretch
Banded Hip Stretch

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