Tuesday, November 3, 2015

If you want to try your hand at an Olympic Weightlifting meet, we are hosting the first annual VBC Holiday Classic Weightlifting meet on Nov. 14. Register now!


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Ankle Mobility
Hip bridges x 10
Hip Extensions x 20


3 min double under practice
1 min plank from elbows
10 good mornings with barbell
10 deadlifts with barbell
10 hanging lat activations


10 min Partner Strict Pull Up Ladder

Notes: The goal is to get more repetitions than last week! We will be using these ladders to get a high volume of pulling over the next few weeks with some variations. A ladder looks like 1-2-3-4+….reps. Score is total pull ups performed in 10 minutes. Scale to banded pull ups or ring rows. Partner up (or groups of 3). Partner 1 does 1 rep, partner 2 does 1 rep, partner 1 does 2 reps, partner 2 does 2 reps, partner 1 does 3 reps…until you fail and restart the ladder at 1. DO NOT GO TO ABSOLUTE FAILURE! . Newer athletes should stop at 30 reps–high volume pull ups with assistance poses a safety concern.


5 Rounds
10 Deadlift
50 Double Unders

Notes: RX deadlifts at 185/125 RX+ is 225/155. Scale the weight as needed to maintain a rigid torso. Do not “touch and go” reps if you cannot maintain a neutral spine. You may perform 150 singles instead of double unders.

Cool Down

Foam Roll Lats, Thoracic Spine, Hips
Cat Stretch 1:00
Couch Stretch 1:00
Pigeon Stretch 1:00

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