Friday, October 30, 2015

First 50 people to sign up and donate to Barbell for Boobs or Movember get a free Progenex swag bag! Click Here for more information about the event, and register for a heat time HERE.


Bring your costume to workout day is TODAY!!


Keg Drill
PVC Dislocates
Ankle Mobility


10 Good Mornings
5 snatch press from behind the neck
5 Pause Overhead Squats
5 Snatch press from squat
5 Snatch extensions
5 Power Snatch
5 Snatch


Every 90 seconds for 15 minutes:
2x Snatch extension + Hang Snatch

Notes: Focusing on technique- vertical extension, elbows high and the hang snatch should feel just like the extension drill…but you get under the bar! Start at 60%, you can build but MAKE EVERY LIFT and make it beautiful 😉


12 Minute AMRAP
10 Pull up + Toe to Bar
10 Deck Squats
2 Wall Walks

Notes: RX standards are pull up and toe to bar reps linked. You are doing 10 reps of the complex. If you do a pull up and miss the toes to bar the rep doesn’t count OR the WOD isn’t done as RX! The deck squats must be done on level ground. Wall walks you must get nose to the wall and control the handstand in good position. Scaling options are as follows: 10 pull ups (can use band) + 10 hanging knee raises, deck squat on elevated surface (ex. folded gymnastics mat), partial range of motion wall walk or feet on box walk hands as close to box as possible and finish in pike handstand.

Cool Down

Foam Roll Lats
Cat Stretch
Pigeon Stretch
Straddle against wall

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