Thursday, October 29, 2015

First 50 people to sign up and donate to Barbell for Boobs or Movember get a free Progenex swag bag! Click Here for more information about the event, and register for a heat time HERE.



Bring your costume to workout day is this Friday!!


Calf Foam rolling
Ankle stretch
Tricep smash
Super Rack Stretch
1 minute in bottom of squat


Bear Crawl 50’ forward, 50’ backwards
Duck Walk 50’
Ape walk 50’
Crab Walk 50’ forward, 50’ backwards
Warm up rack position


5×3 Front Squats

Notes: Warm up to about 70% and start your working sets there. Build to a heavier set of 3 than last week. Focus on upright torso and a solid rack position.


3 rounds:
Run 400m
18 Overhead walking lunges
15 Air Squats
9 Dips

Notes: RX for overhead lunge is 45/25. Make sure to keep your elbows locked out in strong overhead position. If you have poor overhead mobility hold two dumbbells or kettlebells at your side. Dips may be performed on benches, parallel bars (Venice) or boxes.

Cool Down

Foam Roll Lats, Thoracic Spine, Hips
Cat Stretch 1:00
Couch Stretch 1:00
Pigeon Stretch 1:00

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