Wednesday, October 28, 2015

First 50 people to sign up and donate to Barbell for Boobs or Movember get a free Progenex swag bag! Click Here for more information about the event, and register for a heat time HERE.



Bring your costume to workout day is this Friday!!


Foam Roll Thoracic Spine
Scap Pushups
Theraband Ext. Rotation
Reverse Snow Angels


Row 500m
50′ Bear Crawl
50′ Crab Walk
50′ Shuttle Run
10 Pushups


A)4×6 Single Arm Overhead Press
B)3×12 Bent over lateral raises

3×10 Bench Press

Notes: The single arm pressing/lateral raises are corrective strength work and a warm up, not a maximal strength endeavor. Alternate between movements Start each rep of the single arm overhead press from a dead stop in the bottom of the rack position. Hold the weight in a stable overhead position for a full 1 count before lowering the weight. Next, warm up the bench press to about 60% of your 1 rep max and perform 3 sets of 10 across, not building. Take 2-3 minutes rest between sets.


2K Row for time

Notes: This is a classic CrossFit conditioning benchmark! It is not meant to be paced, sit in the suck for about 8 minutes!

Cool Down

Foam Roll Lats, Thoracic Spine, Hips
Cat Stretch 1:00
Couch Stretch 1:00
Pigeon Stretch 1:00

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