Monday, October 26, 2015

First 50 people to sign up and donate to Barbell for Boobs or Movember get a free Progenex swag bag! Click Here for more information about the event, and register for a heat time HERE.


Bring your costume to workout day is this Friday!!


Ankle Mobility
Hip bridges x 10
Hip Extensions x 20


Run 400m
100′ Bear Crawl
10 Wall Squats, slow
1 minute plank


3×8 Bulgarian Split Squats, each leg

20 reps Back Squat

Notes: The Bulgarian split squat is meant to be a warmup and corrective strength exercise, not a maximal strength endeavor. Do a set at bodyweight and if you hit all the points of performance you may add weight. For the 20 rep back squat, if you missed last week warm up and do one set of 20 reps at 60%. If you did the 20 reps last week, add 5-10 pounds based on feel, but remember we will be continuing to add weight each week for another 6 weeks!


3 Rounds:
5 minute AMRAP
200m Farmer’s Carry
Man Makers
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Notes: Man Makers are Push up, row, row, squat clean thruster. RX is 25/15 and RX+ is 35/25 dumbbells. Score is total man makers.

Cool Down

Wrist Stretches
Foam Roll Thoracic Spine, Glutes
Pigeon Stretch

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