Tuesday, September 29, 2015

ATTENTION VENICE ATHLETES: Only 6 athletes have signed up for the beach cruiser triathalon vs. MDR’s 9! Let’s make it an even fight. If you were on the fence about the event please sign up below today!!

This is your last chance to sign up for the Beach Cruiser TriathlonEIE ChipperEIE Emom and Tug of War events at the Paradiso CrossFit World Championships! Use the links or sign up on the sheets available on the whiteboards at both Venice and Marina locations!


Cat Stretch, 2x:30
Posterior Chain Flossing x 20 reps
Foam Roll x 4 minutes
Wrist Mobility x :60


5 Inchworms with pushup
2x:15 Handstand Hold against wall
5 Kickups against wall

Test 5:  Take 5-10 minutes to establish your best freestanding handstand in 3’x3′ box

Notes:  We understand that many people may not be able to perform a freestanding handstand, but we still want you to practice kicking up and attempting to create a best time.  Using a stopwatch, the score will be the total amount of time from when both feet leave the ground to the moment the first foot touches the ground again.  If you are not comfortable in free space, you may create your 3’x3′ box against the wall for additional confidence, but if your feet touch the wall your time stops.  


Take 10 minutes to practice and establish Clean & Jerk weight for the workout


10 minute EMOM:
10 Bar Facing Burpees
1 Clean and Jerk

Notes:  The score is the TOTAL amount of weight you lift at the end of the workout. RX+ is 10 burpees, Rx is 7 burpees per round.  Just like yesterday’s workout, we want you to pick one and stick with it the entire time.  Do not start with 10 burpees and switch to 7 halfway through.  If you start with 10 burpees and realize that you will not be able to finish all 10 reps with time to perform the clean and jerk, you may take a minute off to rest.  The burpee standards are that your body must be perpendicular to the barbell, the chest must touch the ground and you must jump and land with both feet at the same time.  Do not scale to lateral burpees.  The standards for the clean and jerk are really just a ground to overhead, so a power or squat Clean is allowed, as well as breaking it up into a deadlift plus hang clean plus push press for newer athletes.  Remember you must lock out your arms overhead!

We will be running two heats to allow everyone to have room for the bar facing burpees and to help keep score of your successful lifts.  Be sure to have your plates ready to change weights if needed. Clips are not required and judges cannot help change the weights.  If you do not complete the lift within the 60 seconds, it does not count.

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
25 Situps
10 Theraband circles, each direction
10 Fire Hydrants, each direction

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