Monday, September 20, 2015

Did you know that your gym throws THE most badass party on the westside of Los Angeles every year? Our 6th Anniversary party is all about YOU and showing you, our member, how much we appreciate your involvement in the community. Celebrate our 6th anniversary October 3rd at the PCF World championships down at Muscle Beach from 11am-4pm, and the after party at Brakeman’s brewery for a pig roast, drinks, music and dancing!


Who would want to mess with this coaching staff? Regularly learning and playing new sports is an important piece of achieving elite fitness, and fencing was a blast!


Ankle Mobility :60 ea. side
Accumulate 1 minute plank hold :15 on :05 off
Accumulate 1 minute arch hold :15 on :05 off
10 Squats with theraband around knees


2 minutes double under practice

2 rounds:
10 wall ball front squats
10 wall ball overhead squats
10 wall balls


5×3 Back Squats (this week add 5-10 pounds from 4 weeks ago)

Notes:  Warmup and perform 5 working sets, starting around 75% and building up to your max for the day.  Rest about 2 minutes between sets.  Maintain straight posture as you lower yourself down. Make sure the hip crease is below the knees before you stand up. Fight to keep your chest up when weight gets heavy. Please add a box if you struggle to get below parallel. If that is the case please keep the weight light until proper form and technique is achieved


8 rounds of Tabata (Each) :20s On, :10s Off
Wall Balls (20/14)
Row (Calories)
Toes to Bar

-Rest 1 minute between movements-

Notes:  Rx weight for the Wall Ball is 20/14lbs, If you cannot complete Toes to Bar please sub in Hanging Knee Raises or Hollow Hold.

Cool Down

Pigeon stretch, :60 each side
Pike stretch, accumulate 2 minutes
Banded hip extension, :60 each side

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