Saturday, September 19, 2015

Calling all endurance lovers! Be sure to sign up for the beach cruiser triathalon at the PCF World Championship. We can supply a beach cruiser if you don’t have one. You can check out all of the event details, workouts, and skills tests HERE.

FullSizeRenderMatt and Jordan having an impromptu rowing showdown!


Ankle Mobility :60 ea. side
Super Rack stretch :60 each side
Banded Hip Extensions :60 each
100′ Low bear crawl


200m Jog w/ wall ball
20 Partner Wall Balls
20 Partner “leap frog” burpees
20 Alternating partner box jumps

Gymnastics Skill

Pistols Progression Drills.

Notes: Spend 10-12 minutes working on Rolling Pistols, Box Pistols, Banded Pistols.. Focusing on proper balance and technique. Advanced athletes please perform 5 rounds of 8 alternating pistols.

Partner Conditioning

1000 Meter Row While Partner Holds a Barbell in Front Rack position

10 Rounds
10 KB Swing
10 Box Jumps While partner in Ring Support or hanging from pull up rig

1000 Meter Row While Partner Holds a Barbell in Front Rack position

Notes: Rx+ Weight for the Front Rack hold is 155/105lbs. The Box Jumps are 30/24 inches and the Kettlebell weight is 75/55lbs. The RX weight is 95/65 for The Front Rack hold. The Box Jumps are 24/20 inches and the Kettlebell weight is 55/35lbs. One Partner works at a time. the the bar drops or the person falls of rings/bar then the work stops.

Cool Down

Foam roll calves
Calf Stretch x 1:00 each
Tricep smash
Super rack stretch x 1:00

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