Saturday, September 19, 2015

Calling all endurance lovers! Be sure to sign up for the beach cruiser triathalon at the PCF World Championship. We can supply a beach cruiser if you don’t have one. You can check out all of the event details, workouts, and skills tests¬†HERE.

FullSizeRenderMatt and Jordan having an impromptu rowing showdown!


Ankle Mobility :60 ea. side
Super Rack stretch :60 each side
Banded Hip Extensions :60 each
100′ Low bear crawl


200m Jog w/ wall ball
20 Partner Wall Balls
20 Partner “leap frog” burpees
20 Alternating partner box jumps

Gymnastics Skill

Pistols Progression Drills.

Notes: Spend 10-12 minutes working on Rolling Pistols, Box Pistols, Banded Pistols.. Focusing on proper balance and technique. Advanced athletes please perform 5 rounds of 8 alternating pistols.

Partner Conditioning

1000 Meter Row While Partner Holds a Barbell in Front Rack position

10 Rounds
10 KB Swing
10 Box Jumps While partner in Ring Support or hanging from pull up rig

1000 Meter Row While Partner Holds a Barbell in Front Rack position

Notes: Rx+ Weight for the Front Rack hold is 155/105lbs. The Box Jumps are 30/24 inches and the Kettlebell weight is 75/55lbs. The RX weight is 95/65 for The Front Rack hold. The Box Jumps are 24/20 inches and the Kettlebell weight is 55/35lbs. One Partner works at a time. the the bar drops or the person falls of rings/bar then the work stops.

Cool Down

Foam roll calves
Calf Stretch x 1:00 each
Tricep smash
Super rack stretch x 1:00

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