Friday, September 18, 2015

Calling all endurance lovers! Be sure to sign up for the beach cruiser triathalon at the PCF World Championship. We can supply a beach cruiser if you don’t have one. You can check out all of the event details, workouts, and skills tests HERE.

I fell the first time I did an overhead squat because of poor mobility, keg drill was part of the fix!


Ankle Mobility :60 ea. side
Keg drill x 1:30
Fire hydrants x 10 each direction
Accumulate 1 minute in bottom of squat


8 rounds :15 on :05 off, alternating
Hollow hold
Arch hold

Warm up overhead position


5×5 Overhead Squats (this week add 5-10 pounds from 4 weeks ago)

Notes: Warmup and perform 5 working sets, starting around 55% and building up to your max for the day. Rest about 2 minutes between sets. Maintain straight posture as you lower yourself down. Prioritize shoulder position over depth and use a PVC or light weight to focus on improving position. Good mobility drills to help are keg drill, ankle mobility and wall squats.


Row for Calories
Rest 5 Minutes
AMRAP 3 Minutes
Row for Calories
Rest 3 Minutes
AMRAP 1 Minute
Row for Calories

Notes: this should be ALL OUT EFFORT for all three sets

Cool Down

Accumulate 2 minutes in couch stretch each side
:60 pigeon stretch each side
Cat stretch :60

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