Thursday, September 10, 2015

Handstand practice today!  Remember, this is one of our tests for the EIE Challenge and and event at the PCF World Championships.  If you want to improve your handstand you need to have strong and flexible shoulders, a strong midline and most importantly you have to practice and get comfortable upside down!  Keep working hard and you will improve!

Swim night at 7:30pm at Culver City Plunge


PVC Dislocates x 10
Reverse Snow Angels x 20
Ankle Mobility x :60 each


Jog 400 meters
Wrist Stretches x :60 each

Review Handstand Progressions


Spend about 10 minutes working on Freestanding Handstand Progressions:

-Facing the Wall with body at 30 degree angle x :60
-Nose and Toes hold facing the wall x :60
-Kickup practice against wall, don’t let your feet smash into the wall
-Kickup practice in free space with spotter

Notes:  This progression is about getting strong and spending time in a quality position before trying to move to free space.  Don’t rush it!  Score your best hold in Wodify.


3 Rounds
800m Run
50 Double Unders
30 Hollow Rocks
3 Wall Walks
-30 min cap-

Notes:  If you cannot perform a double under please sub in 90 secs of double under practice.  Scale the hollow rocks down by bringing your knees and arms into a tucked position as needed.

 RX for the wall walks is touching your nose at the top.  Try not to touch your chest and body, stay tight!  Scale as needed to stay in your comfort zone and maintain quality position.

Cool Down

Couch Stretch x :60 each
Calf Stretch x :60 each
Wall Extensions x 10

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