Friday, September 4, 2015

Friends and Family all weekend!  Join us for the Beach workout at 10am tomorrow at Rose Ave and the beach or “Hidalgo” on Monday!

One month to go until the PCF World Championships!  This is an epic event no one should miss!  More event details to be released next week.  Keep training hard!

EPIC TUG OF WAR from Charlie on Vimeo.



Keg Drill x 2 minutes
Bottom of Squat x 2 minutes
Wall Extensions x 15
Wrist Mobility x :60


Jog 100 meters
Hang on the Bar x :20
Jog 100 meters
Handstand Hold x :30
Jog 100 meters
PVC Overhead Squat Hold x :40

Warmup those overhead squats!


5×1 Overhead Squats

Notes:  Warmup and perform 5 working sets, starting around 85% and building up to your max for the day.  Rest about 2 minutes between sets. You do not have to PR today!  Advanced athletes will likely have to jerk the weight overhead when it gets heavy.  NEWER ATHLETES: Please continue to work on form and technique. Some of you can use this time to achieve proper depth and shoulder positioning over heavy weight. REMEMBER to drop the weight if it is too heavy to lower onto your back, that’s what the bumper plates are for!  Good mobility drills to help are keg drill, ankle mobility and wall squats.


3 Rounds:
2 Muscle Ups
6 Handstand Push Ups
8 Pistols
Rest 1min

after AMRAP rest 1 min:

400m Sprint for TIME

Notes:  Please Sub in Burpee Pull Ups, Dips and Deck Squats if you cannot perform Muscle Ups, HSPU or pistols. Please record the lowest amount of reps as your score. 400m should be an ALL OUT SPRINT.

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
Theraband Circles x 10 each direction
Calf Raises x 20 reps each

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