Thursday, September 3, 2015

Use your fitness!  Join us in Joshua Tree next weekend for a guided rock climbing and camping trip.  All experience levels welcome.  Email us for details.

Limited schedule and “Hidalgo” event on Labor Day!  Friends are welcome to join for free…make sure they like running!


Foam Roll x 5 minutes
Side Plank Hold x :30
Cat Stretch x :30


Jog 200 meters
Groiners x :30 each
Cossack Squats x 10 reps
Stiff Legged Windmill x 10 reps

Practice Turkish Getups!


Turkish Get Ups

Notes: Spend 10-12 minutes working on proper technique and moving through the proper steps to perform your 1 rep max on each arm.  Advanced athletes may perform 4 rounds for max reps on each side at 70% percent of 1rm.  For an additional challenge, and if there is room in class, advanced athletes may try to use a barbell.


500 Meter Row
21 DB Thrusters
21 Grasshoppers (l/r equals 1 rep)
500 Meter Row
15 DB Thrusters
15 Grasshoppers
500 Meter Row
9 DB Thrusters
9 Grasshoppers

Notes: RX+ for the thrusters is 50/35lbs and RX is 35/20lbs.  The grasshoppers are touching your shin to your opposite forearm.

Cool Down

25 Hip Extensions, slow
Pigeon Stretch x 2 minutes
Pike Stretch x 2 minutes

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