Thursday, August 27, 2015

Check out swim night tonight at the Culver City Plunge at 7:30pm!

Current numbers are 3 men for Venice and 2 men for MDR signed up for the PCF World Championship Triathlon…where you at ladies?!  Remember there are 6 mens and 6 women’s spots open for each gym and this competition is based on both participation and performance by each gym, so points will be rewarded for the gym that shows up!  Register HERE now.

“Cindy” is about mastering the basics.  You never get too good to perform the basics and you can never be good enough at the basics.



Theraband Routine x 15 reps each
Scapula Pushup x 15
Glute Hip Bridges x 10
Sampson Stretch x :30


Row 2 minutes
5 Inchworms
Junkyard Dog x 10 reps each position


HardCORE Tabata:
L-Sit (parallettes, ring, box)
Hollow Hold
Handstand Hold
*20 sec on/ 10 off for 4 rounds (2 minutes) each 

Notes: No rest between movements, total of 8 minutes.  This is your time to work on those gymnastic goals!  The goal is to use your midline strength to get you through this tabata. If you do not have the best midline, today is your day to develop a strong base.


21 Deadlifts
300m Row
5 rounds of Cindy
15 Deadlifts
300m Row
5 rounds of Cindy
9 Deadlifts
300m Row
5 rounds of Cindy

Notes: The Rx+ weight for the deadlifts is 225/155lbs with 5 rounds of Cindy, RX is 155/105lbs with 3 rounds of Cindy.   1 round of Cindy equals 5 pull-ups, 10 Pushups, 15 Squats.  Please use a band or perform ring rows if you cannot complete a pull up.

Cool Down

Pike stretch x 2 minutes
Straddle stretech x 2 minutes
Pigeon stretch x 2 minutes
German Stretch x 1 minute, accumulate

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