Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Gymnastics class with Chelsea tonight at 8:30pm at MDR!

Support your team and signup for the PCFWC Triathlon HERE!  Ask a coach if you have questions. 



Keg Drill x 2 minutes
Leg Swings x 10 each direction
PVC Dislocates x 15
Posterior Chain Flossing x :60


Jog 200 meters
Sampson Stretch x :30
10 Cossack Squats
10 Good Mornings
10 Hang Muscle Snatch
10 Behind the Neck Push Press
10 Overhead Squats
10 Power Snatch


Take 20 minutes to build up to a heavy set of 3 Power Snatch

Notes:  These should be from the floor, but not touch and go.  Newer athletes should prioritize good hip contact by breaking the movement up into a snatch deadlift plug hang power snatch. 


4 Rounds:
100m KB Farmers Carry,
200m Run
10 Power Snatches
-15 min cap-

Notes: Rx+ is 70/55 Kbs (each) and 115/75 Power Snatches. RX is 55/30 Kbs (each) and 95/65 Power Snatches.

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
Wall Extensions x 10
Jefferson Curls x 5 plus :10 hold
Hollow Hold x :60

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