Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Endurance athletes!  Support your gym at the PCF World Championships and signup for the Beach Cruiser Triathlon.  This is the first released event and will include a 1k swim, 24k Beach Cruiser bike ride and 8k Run.

 Signup HERE if you are interested in competing or volunteering.  The event will be held the morning of Saturday, 10/3.


Remember these burpees from the EIE EMOM?  Focus on efficiency today, by staying tight in your midline, snapping your hips and landing flat footed on each rep.


Theraband Routine x 10 reps each
Posterior Chain Flossing x :30
Side Plank Leg Raises x 20 reps
Super Rack Stretch x :30


Jog 400 meters
10 Burpees, practice perfect movement!
10 Ring rows, easy position
2 Wall Walks


Strict Chin Ups – 5-4-3-2-1, rest :60
Bent over Dumbbell Rows – 3×10, rest :60

Notes:  Similar to last week!  Lets focus on keeping your midline nice and tight. Squeezing your butt and activating your lats. Advanced athletes will add weight.  If you do not have a strict chin up, work on performing negatives with each rep being 5 seconds.  For the rows, go as heavy as possible while maintaining a flat back and full range of motion.


3 rounds of:
30 Power Cleans
30 Burpees
400m run
-21 min cap-

Notes: This workout is meant to be light. Please keep the RX weight 95/65bs.  Scale the down to no pushup burpees if needed to make the time cap.

Cool Down

Pec Stretch x :30
Wall Extensions x 15 reps
Plow Stretch x 2 minutes

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