Saturday, August 22, 2015

Special Schedule today!  Due to many of your coaches competing at the Summer Shakedown today, there will only be Open Gym style classes at the Venice location today.  The normal group classes will be held at MDR.

The 6 week PCFU Olympic Lifting class with Josh “The Coach” Squyres starts at 10:30am today at Venice!

FREE Beach workout at 10am where Rose Ave meets the beach at 10am.


Overhead Band Distraction x :60
Wall Extensions, 2×10
Sampson Stretch x :60
Down Dog Calf Stretch x 20 reps



Warmup, mobilize and practice Handstand progressions.

Here is a good progression if you do not know where to start:
-Feet on Box Handstand x :60
-Facing Wall, body at 30 degrees Handstand x :60
-Facing Wall, nose and toes Handstands x :60
-Kickup practice, back to wall, focus on control
-Kickup practice in free space with a spotter


Partner Conditioning

Teams of 2
50 Burpees
10 Shoulder to Overhead
80 KB Swings
10 Shoulder to Overhead
100 Pull-ups
10 Shoulder to Overhead
80 KB Swings
10 Shoulder to Overhead
50 Burpees

Notes: One partner works at a time while the other partner rests.  The RX+ weight is 155/105 for the shoulder to overhead and 70/55 for the Kettlebell Swings. The rx is 105/75 for the Shoulder to Overhead and 55/35 for the Kettlebell Swings. Please scale accordingly.

Cool Down

:60 Hollow Hold
25 Tuckups
:60 Pike Stretch
25 PVC Dislocates, slowly


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