Saturday, August 8, 2015

Join us tomorrow for a Potluck at MDR from Noon-1:30.  Bring your favorite dish to share or something to throw on the grill.  Everyone is invited to attend!

Beach workout today at 10am where Rose meets the ocean walk in Venice.  This workout is FREE for all so bring your friends and family!

Established to honor the 31 Americans killed in action on August 6, 2011, The 31Heroes Project serves to impact the lives of our nation’s heroes and their families, while remembering the fallen, through athletic endeavors and competitive fundraising events.



Down Dog Ankle Stretch x 20 reps
Sampson Stretch x :30 each
Wall Extensions, 2×10 reps
Banded Good Mornings x 25 reps
CatCow Stretch x 10 reps

Partner Warmup

One jogs 200 meters while the other holds plank on elbows, switch
One performs 50′ walking lunge while other hangs on the pull-up bar, switch
One performs 50′ burpee broad jump while other holds the bottom of the squat, switch


Warm up and go over movements

Partner Conditioning

“31 Heroes”

AMRAP in 31min
8 Thrusters
6 Rope Climbs
11 Box Jumps
**Partner Runs 400m with Plate (45/25)

Notes: Partner 1 is working through the amrap while Partner 2 is running with the plate, they will pick up where the other leaves off for one score.  Try to partner up with someone who will lift the same amount of weight as you. RX is 155/105 for the Thrusters, the Box Jumps are 30/24in, and a 45/25 plate for the carry.  If you cannot perform rope climbs sub with 8 Rope Lowers.  Scale the box jump height for safety as needed.

Cool Down

Row 300 meters, slow and easy
Theraband Routine, 2×15 reps each
Foam Roll Calves x 2 minutes

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