Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ask a coach about the upcoming EIE Challenge starting on August 10th!  We now have 100 people signed up!  Click HERE to take the first steps.




Posterior Chain Floss x :60 each
Theraband x 15 reps each position


Jog 400 meters
Bear Crawl 100 feet
5 inchworms with pushup
10 Burpees
Partner up and review movements

Partner Conditioning

In Teams of 2:
70 DB Deadlifts
60 DB Hang Power Cleans
50 DB Front Squats
40 DB Shoulder to Overhead
20 DB Thrusters

Notes: RX+ 50/35 and RX is 35/25.. Please scale accordingly. You may break up the work however you like.  Try to work with an athlete with the same weights.


After the workout perform the following for quality:
2 Rounds:
Hollow Rocks x 30 reps
Handstand hold against wall x :30
Hip Stretch of Choice x :60

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