Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hylete takeover event tonight at MDR for the 530/630/730pm classes!  This will be a special surprise workout not listed below.  Reserve your spot online and show up 30 minutes early to get outfitted.  All participants receive a free headband and there will be prizes for the top finishers of each class and overall.

Watch Sandy Hill compete LIVE! at games.crossfit.com.  Her heats are at 9:30, 12:50 and 3:20.


TEST – 10 overhead Squats with PVC
Keg Drill x :90
Mobilize Hips and Ankles x 2 minutes
RETEST – 10 Overhead Squats with PVC


Take 10-12 Min to load up and establish your weight for the overhead squat.  This will include either a power snatch or a power clean to push press to your back to push press.


Event from 2013

“Naughty Nancy”
4 Rounds
600m Run (400m+200m)
25 Overhead Squats
-20 Min Time Cap-

Notes: RX+ weight is 135/95 and RX 95/65lbs.   Please scale weight and reps accordingly.  If you cannot perform an Overhead Squat to full depth with quality form, please sub in Front Squats.

Cool Down

Couch Stretch x 2 minutes each
Reverse Snow Angels x 20 reps
Calf Stretch x 1 minute each

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