Saturday, July 18, 2015


Beach workout at 10am where Rose hits the sand.  This is free for all non-members and does


Posterior chain flossing, 1 minute each
Super rack stretch, 30 seconds each
Bottom of squat, 1 minute
Foam roll IT band, glutes, back as needed


“Rowling”- Take 3 attempts to row exactly 100 meters and perform a Burpee for every meter over or under.

With a barbell perform:
10 Good mornings
5 Pause Front squats
10 Stiff legged Deadlifts

Warm up and go over movements

Partner Conditioning

1K Row
40 Deadlifts,
30 Front Squats,
40 Deadlifts
1K Row
-time cap: 25min

Notes: In teams of 2, Break up the 1k Row and the reps any way you like. The RX weight is 115/75 and the RX+ is 155/105lbs. Please stagger the start if there is not a rower available or sub in for 6 x 200m Runs split up by the team members

Cool down:

Straddle, 90 seconds
Bottom of squat, 1 minute
Pigeon stretch, 90 seconds each

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