New training cycle has begun.  I am very pleased with everybody’s performance at our summer weightlifting meet 2 weeks ago.  There was great energy and several new records.  I expect even better results when we compete in September in Chikara!  The deciding factor will be your character and will.


The new cycle begins with high volume.  I recommend bringing carbs and gatorade for each training session.  I also recommend alot of sleep and recovery: sauna, massage, STRETCH LAB VENICE! I also recommend good quality food with alot of protein. Finally supplements to help recover: glutamine, multivitamin, creatine, etc.

Many of you know I will be leaving for China this coming Sunday.1340692302669_1340692302669_r I will be there from 7/12-7/29.  I will be training with some Chinese lifters and coaches.  My goal is to be pushed and to learn.  Many people feel that China has some special secret or some magic formula when it comes to weightlifting.  Yes, they have a good system.  Yes, they have great coaches.  Yes, they have good technique. 0013729e4ad9115361b702But the number one attribute that these successful athlete’s have is A RELENTLESS WILL.


I implore all of you who undertake the VENICE BARBELL training.  Don’t skip a workout.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself because you are tired.  Don’t pat yourself on the back because you had a good day.  Come in everyday with a lunch pail attitude.  Say to yourself , “I HAVE A RELENTLESS WILL.”  You’ll achieve anything you want.

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