Friday, June 18, 2015

Join us next Saturday for the first ever Venice Barbell Summer Lifting Meet!  The first session (the ladies!) will begin at 10am.  Feel free to bring food and drinks, we will have the grill going and will be hanging out until about 2pm.

Limited shirts will be available at the meet!


Keg Drill x 2 minutes
Reverse Snow Angels, 2×20
Fire Hydrants x 15 each direction
Bottom of the Squat x 2 minutes

Partner Warmup

Partner jogs 100 meters with med ball, the other holds a handstand or plank
2 minutes Med Ball throws
1 minute Med Ball Partner Situps

Notes:  For the throws, be sure to vary it up and scale the distance as needed.  Work in some rotational throws, squat throws, single and double arm throws.


Push Press – take 15-20 minutes to warm up and complete the following sets: 10 reps @ 40%, 10 reps @ 50 % x 2 and 5 reps at 60% x 2.

Notes: Deload week, so no need to record your weight, but stick to the percentages and focus on perfect form!  Each rep focus on a good upright torso through the dip and driving with the legs to a full lockout.


5 rounds
200m Run
6 Wall Balls
12 Shoulder to Overhead
– 15 min time cap –

Notes: The RX weight for the Shoulder to Overhead is 95/65 lbs. The weight for the wall balls are 20/14.  The weight is designed to be light and performed mostly unbroken, please scale accordingly.

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
10 Hip Bridges
10 Jefferson Curls
10 PVC Dislocates

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