May 17

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Gristle/Groiners/Samson stretch
Super rack stretch, 30 seconds each
Ankle/Wrist mobility, 1-2 minutes
Lat activations, 10 each position


Jog 200 meters
5 Burpees
10 Ring rows
15 Squats
20 Hollow Rocks
Practice movements!

Cool down:

Straddle, 2 minutes
Calf stretch, 30 seconds each
10 Wall extensions
Couch stretch, 30 seconds each


As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes::
5 Burpee Pull Up
8 Dumbbell Front Squats
16 Hollow Rocks
50’ Walking Lunge
400m Run

Notes:  Advanced athletes may sub up to a bar muscleup for burpee pullups if desired and perform the squats with 50/35 dbs.  Fitness prescribed is pullup bar just out of hands reach and 35/25 dbs.  Scale as needed!


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