April 2

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Free Rock Climbing lesson at Rockreation, Sunday, April 12 from 6-8pm.  Free for members and limited to 50 people.  You must reserve your space in advance!


Theraband Routine
:30 seconds Bottom of Squat hold
Downdog ankle stretch, 20x
Lat Activations + 10 Bar taps
15 Scapula Push ups
5 Push ups (2 count pause in the bottom)
:30 second Bottom of Squat hold


Jog 200 meters
20 Mountain Climbers
5 Inchworms
15 Tuck ups
10 Deck squats
5 Burpees
10 Ring Rows or Pull ups

Cool down:

Doorway stretch, 30 seconds each
Pigeon stretch, 1 minute each
Cat stretch, 30 seconds
Calf stretch, 30 seconds each

Fitness Strength

4 Rounds for Quality:
Candlestick Roll to Pistol x 3-5 each leg
Inverted to Front lever x 5 plus :06 hold
Bottom of the Dip x :15-:30

Notes:  Focus on keeping the heel down and the knee stabilized, not inside the toes. Scale down by changing the mat height or scale up by holding a PVC overhead.  Building on our lever work from last week, focus on straight arms and using the lats to press down, perform 5 reps going from inverted into a front lever, hold the last rep for :06.  Use a band if needed for the bottom of the dip.

Fitness and Advanced Conditioning

18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of:
Toes to Bar
10 meter Shuttle Runs
-15 min cap-

Notes:  Each 10m run is a rep and burpees are good ol’ normal jump and clap burpees!  Scale the toes to bar to a toes to KB if you cannot perform consecutive toes to bar.

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