Week of 3/2/14 – Meet Week!

Official Meet Week video.

Meet week. The schedule will be slightly different this week to allow for optimal preparation for the meet. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday will be normal but there is also work programmed for Wednesday with a rest day on Thursday. I will be there Wednesday night to coach. I will ALSO be there Thursday night as usual to coach athletes not doing the meet or those of you that can not come in Wednesday. The general prescription this week is to make sure you are feeling healthy and fired up to lift on Saturday. Stick to the program and focus on visualizing your successful lifts each day of training.

Monday – Snatch/Squat

1) Snatch: work to your opener

2) Clean & Jerk: work to your opener

3) Jerk: 4 singles at 85% of max jerk

4) Back Squat: 4 x 1 @ 85&


Tuesday – Clean and Jerk/Overhead/Front Squat

1) Snatch: Power Snatch + Snatch: 4 sets @ 75%

2) Power Clean & Jerk: 4 sets @ 75%

3) Front Squat: 4 x 1 @ 85%


Wednesday – Power/Squat Variation

1) Snatch: work to you opener

2) Clean & Jerk: work to your last warm up before your opener

3a)  Clean Pulls: 4 x 1 @ opener



Ideally this is a rest day for those of you doing the meet. If you can not come in Wednesday then come in today and do the full lifts but not beyond 70%.

Friday – Heavy Singles/Overhead/Pulls

1)  Power Snatch: work to 75% of max snatch

2) Clean & Jerk: work to 70% of max C&J

Saturday (11:30-1:30pm at Venice)

Use the Saturday sessions to make up missed days from the week, receive additional coaching from the coach on staff, and target specific weaknesses and imbalances through targeted accessory work.

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