Friday Night Lights 15.1

DRUMROLL……The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is HERE!!!

Each year, thousands of CrossFiters (over 200 000 last year!) submit their scores online for 5 different workouts, 1 released each week, to see how they stack against others in the entire sport of CrossFit. Whether you’ve been doing crossfit for 6 months or 5 years, everyone participates. You can see where you stand within your gym, your division, your region, the world. And you get to perform these workouts at the gym so no travel or game day jitters needed!

This will be our 3rd season hosting weekly Friday Night Lights at MDR, where all athletes can get their Open Workout performance judged by a certified Open judge (aka your coaches) as per the CrossFit Games rules. There is no better arena to give your best on each and every one of the 5 Open Workouts than the electrifying atmosphere at Friday Night Lights with many gym friends cheering you on. Here is where our community shines at its best each year.

The First Workout won’t get released until Thursday, 2/26 so we will for now assume we can have heats going every 20 – 30 mins with sign up sheets posted in advance for you to reserve your spot.

There are a few changes this year and one is particularly very exciting – THERE IS NOW A SCALED DIVISION which means nobody should to be intimidated to sign up and test their skills anymore!


Watch a recap of 2013 and 2014 Workout 1 by amazing Charlie.

And for more of a global feel – here is an awesome CF HQ recap of the Open.

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