Register for the CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Games open is a worldwide fitness challenge where each week for 5 weeks a workout is released that must be performed, judged and submitted online.  The workouts are performed in our gym, just like class, except the participants are judged to ensure that proper and fair movement standards are followed.

Here is how it goes…

1.  Register HERE.  Choose your home gym of MDR or Venice and pay $20.
2.  Starting the week of February 26th, a workout will be released every Thursday at 5pm and you will have until Monday at 5pm to perform the workout and submit your score on the website.
3.  We will be performing the given workout every Friday in  group classes, and in the evening, we get together for the Friday Night Lights at MDR.  Click HEREHEREHERE or HERE to watch some fun montage videos our members made of these events.
4.  Scaling options will be allowed if you cannot perform a certain movement.
5.  After the 5 weeks, you can see how you stacked up compared to others in your region, state, worldwide, age group, etc.
6.  Train your ass off for another year and compare your results!

The number one reason people don’t sign up is because they don’t think they are good enough or not in good enough shape or scared of the intensity of the environment…but I would argue that is exactly the reason you should sign up!  No one will judge you for trying and no one will make you do anything you are not able to do.  By registering for the Open you are accepting your fitness, both the good and the bad.  If you struggle to squat below parallel in workouts, cannot perform a pull-up or a given weight, you will know that you have to get stronger and exactly what you need to work on, not just to get better at the Open, but for your health and fitness.  That is the unique and wonderful thing that the Open can do for you: provide an annual test of your fitness.

Your health and fitness is a lifelong journey and if you choose to participate, you will have a tool to measure and compare your fitness each year.  Seeing how much progress you have made, knowing that you are fitter than last year and providing purpose to your training are something we hope you consider.

Register HERE and ask your coach if you have any questions.

The open

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