Friday January 2, 2015


10 Seated Wall Extensions
Lat Activations, 3 different Grips, 5 reps each
10 Scapular Pushups


8 Strict Sh Press
10 Samson Lunges
8 Push Press with Pause OH
10 Squats
8 HR Pushups
10 Jumping Lunges
8 Pullups/ Ring Rows, with Pause at top
10 Jumping Squats


Banded Super Rack, 30 sec each
Gristle/ Groiner
Hang From Bar, 15 sec x 2
German Hang, 30 sec

Fitness and Advanced Strength

Every other minute for 20 minutes (5 sets each):

Push Press x 3 reps with 3 second hold at top
Strict Pullup x 3 reps with 3 second Hold at top

 Notes:  The goal is to work to your heaviest weight possible for the complex.  If you have poor shoulder mobility and need to compromise at the low back to hold weight overhead, perform 5 Strict Press at a light to moderate weight instead of the Push Press.  Perform the strict pullups with hands facing away and make sure to hold with your chin over the bar.  Add weight to the if needed or perform with ring rows to scale down.  

Fitness Conditioning

Run 1 mile for time

-Rest exactly 5 minutes-

8 min Amrap of:

6 Burpee Pullups
12 Front Rack Db Walking Lunges
18 Pushups

Notes:  Prescribed is hands just out of reach for the pullups and 50/35 dbs.  If 1 mile will take you longer than 10 minutes, scale down to an 1200 or 800 meter run to maintain intensity.  Scale down the pushup volume if needed.


Advanced Conditioning  

200 Double-Unders for time.

-Rest exactly 5 minutes-

8 min Amrap of:

4 Muscle-Ups
12 Front Rack Kb Walking Lunges (55/35)
16 Kb Push Press

Notes:  6 minute cap on the 200 dus.  Scale to bar muscleups if you cannot perform ring mus yet.

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