Fight Gone, Terrible.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

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Visit Courtneyrose at 8pm at Venice for her stretching class or McCoy for Venice Barbell Club!


Bird Dogs
PVC Dislocates
Calf Stretch

Warm Up

2 Rounds:
10 Jumping Jacks
10 Mtn Climbers
10 Push Ups
10 Good Mornings
5 Sumo DLHP

Cool Down

Cobra Stretch 1 min
Banded Lat Stretch 1 min/side
Foam Roll Legs – Quads, IT Band, Hamies, Calves

Fitness and Advanced

Benchmark Conditioning

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds performing max reps for 1 minute at each station:
Wall Balls
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Box Jumps
Push Press
Row for Calories
Rest 1 minute

Notes:  Prescribed is 75/55 barbell and 20” box.  Newer athletes may use Kbs for the SDHP.  Scale as needed and have fun!


Perform 3 Rounds of each complex before moving onto the next:
5 Hollow ups/ 5 Hollow rocks/ :10 Hollow  hold
5 SideArch ups/ 5 Sidearch rocks/ :10 Side arch hold (on each side)
5 Arch ups/ 5 Arch Rocks/ :10 Arch Hold
**With any remaining time in class, practice Freestanding Handstand Progressions**

Notes:  Focus on quality position and rest only as much as needed.  Peform all 3 rounds on one side arch before switching to the other.

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