Halloween WOD- Wear your costume!

Friday, October 31 – Happy Halloween!

All evening classes will be closed today due to the PCFWC preparation.

  Rest up and we will see you tomorrow at Muscle Beach!


10 Wall Extensions, Slow
Theraband Routine
Lat Activations, 3 different grips, 5 each
10 Shoulder Bridges


All with Light/ Medium KB:
10 KBS
5 Goblet Squats
1 arm KBS, 10 Each
Reverse Lunge, 5 Each
Push Press, 10 Each
Seated Twists, 10 Each


Ankle and Calf Stretches
10 Reverse Snow Angels
Plank 1 min
Side Plank, 30 sec each

Fitness and Advanced


20 minutes or 3-4 sets of:

Skin the Cats x 2-4 reps
Pike and Straddle Leg Lifts x 10 reps each
Turkish Getup x 2 reps each arm, heaviest possible

Notes:  Use a spotter as needed for the skin the cats and stay in your comfort zone.  For the leg lifts, prioritize locking the knees and pointing the toes.

  Use a Kb/Db for the Turkish getups.


Partner Conditioning

5 rounds each:

10 Thrusters
200 Meter Row

Notes:  Prescribed weight is 95/65. Newer athletes may use Dbs.  Try to partner with someone of similar abilities.  Each round should be an all out sprint!

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