3 More Days until the Championship!

Wednesday,  October 29, 2014

Deadline to signup for the PCFWC main events HERE!  Remember anyone can show up to participate in the “Dirty Dozen” events. 

Visit Dimitri at 8pm at Venice for Gymnastics!


Hip Bridges x 15 each
Down Dog, 1 minute
Wrist Mobility

Warm Up

Run 400m
w/ dumbbells or barbell
10 Good Mornings
10 Front Squats
10 Press
5 Hang Cleans
5 Cleans
5 Jerks

Cool Down

Work on your EIE goal or weakness!

Pigeon, 2 minutes each
Pec Stretch, 2 minutes



20 minutes or 3-4 sets of:

Pistols x 5 reps each leg

Rope Climb x 1-2 ascents

Double-Unders x 20-50 reps

Notes:  Scale the pistols as needed to focus on control and range of motion, add weight if needed.  New athletes should learn how to perform the rope climb with their feet.  Stronger more advnaced athletes may perform legless.  Scale the double unders so that you can keep the rope moving.  Don’t spend more than 2 minutes practicing per round.


3 Rounds:

400 meter run

50′ DB Bear Crawl

10 DB Hang Power Cleans (below the knee)

-18 min cap-

Notes:  Prescribed is 50/35lb Dbs.  The DB bear crawl is just like it sounds:)



20 minutes to work up to a heavy Clean and Jerk

Notes:  Preparation for the PCFWC!  Focus on making contact at the upper thighs, big extension and speed under the bar.  If you are better at a power Clean, stick with that for today.  The goal is to work up to the heaviest possible weight.


For time:

Row 2000 Meters

Bench Press x 40 reps

-18 min cap-

Notes:  Prescribed is bodyweight for males and 70%BW for the ladies.  We will have limited benches and spotters, so be sure to communicate, work together and stay safe for this today!

If your EIE goal is to learn to butterfly pull ups, make sure to watch the above video. This the current best female CrossFit athlete in the world. Her background is gymnastics and these ingrained body positions make her dominant in any workout requiring bodyweight capacity and skill. Take note of her extended legs through the arch to hollow positions and the power she generates on each rep maintaing tension through her midline.

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