Goodbye and GoodLuck Frank!

Frank will be coaching all morning at MDR!  Later we will be heading to Sports Harbour on Washington from 830pm until late for drinks and games!

Friday, August 22, 2014


Wrist/ Calf Stretches
Gristles/ Groiners, 10 each
15 PVC Dislocates
10 Lat Activations


400M Run or Row
5 Pause Squats
5 Back Squats
8 Pushups
8 Pullup/ Ring Rows
30 sec Handstand/ Plank Hold


Give Frank a Nice Sweaty Hug! (If at MDR)
Wrist/ Calf Stretches
German Hang, 30 sec
Dead Hang from Pullup Bar, accumulate 1 min


Spend 15 minutes warming up to the squat clean and jerk weight for the conditioning.


5 minute Amrap:
Squat Clean and Jerk (165/110)
-Rest 3 minutes-

5 minute Amrap:
Seconds in a Freestanding Handstand
Perform 25 Double unders every time you fall
-Rest 3 minutes-

5 minute Amrap:
Unbroken Thrusters (65)
Perform 25 Double Unders every time you take a break, no resting in any position is allowed
-Rest 3 minutes-

5 minute Amrap:
100 meter run

Notes:  Your score will be written as 4 separate numbers.


There comes a point in everyones lives where change needs to happen in order to grow.  This is not only a tough and scary thing for that individual, but also for those who are in that person’s life.  Today is Track Master Frank’s last day and he will be extremely missed not only by myself, but the many people who he has helped along the way.  He has put in years of training members to be better runners, swimmers, and all around better athletes.  I swear he has the magic touch when people are attempting a new PR to go to a new level.  It doesn’t surprise me that people love going to his classes, which are lead by his unique collection of his own made playlist.  I swear sometimes when I go to his class I am put in some type of trance during the workout that makes any pain that I’m feeling unnoticeable.  I think most people not only appreciate Frank for making class fun and enjoyable on all levels, but how he also is able to inspire people to push themselves to their absolute max.

I think Frank has become a great friend for the simple reason that our personalities are similar, and that we are both crazy enough to WANT to work the 6am shift.  I know that when I work with him I will not only learn a lot from him about training and the way he coaches, but more so learn about life and how to prepare for the future.  Being able to listen to him talk about his philosophy of living a simple life, and how to plan for the future is truly inspiring to me.  He is one of the most organized people I have come across when it comes to managing finances.  He has introduced me to the Mr. Money Mustache (MMM) Blog, which I have become a big fan of and true believer.  When I listen to Frank talk his plans about being able to retire in 10 years by following the  MMM way, I know it’s not just talk.  He takes the time to share his plan of what he is doing today that will effect him down the road for future independence and happiness.  I think this is one big thing I will miss most about working with Frank, and am forever grateful for our talks we have in between classes.  His words stay in my head and challenge my thinking, which always makes me feel motivated when I leave work to do more with my life and to make it better than my current one, but also to want to be a better person.


Not only is Frank a wise man at his age about taking risks not only when it comes to the stock market and job opportunities, but also his approach to his own training.  Being his training partner worked out well for us for many reasons, but mostly because he doesn’t have an ego about what he is Not able to do.  He has no shame in using the same weights as me, which has lead to the development of what we all know by now as the term ‘Frank Rx’.  He is setting the trend and leading my example that it is OK to not be able to lift a Rich Froning type of weight.  You can still be a badass athlete by deciding to go Frank Rx.  And as you see in the picture below it leads you to winning lots of metals!

There are too many things I will miss about you Frank.  I will do my best to take care your beloved fans in the morning and afternoon classes.  You will always be a BBHC member and hope to see you at the stairs soon!  Good luck to you on your new adventure and know that we all wish you the best.  Come help me celebrate Frank’s time at Paradiso and wish him well by joining us at the Sports Harbour tonight.


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