The Double Under

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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Theraband External Rotations/Circles
Wrist Stretches
Lat Activations

Warm Up:

Junk Yard Dog
10 Partner Push Ups
10 Partner Leg Raise/throws

Gymnastics Strength: 

EMOM 12 minutes for quality:
Minute 1: 4-10 reps Strict Handstand Push ups
Minute 2: Accumulate 30 second L-sit
Minute 3: 30-40 Double unders

Notes:  If proficient with HSPU, aim for the high end of the range.  May scale down and perform 3-4 negatives with 3 second eccentric on each rep.  L-sit may be performed in a hang position on the bar.  Scale number of double unders as needed or perform your best attempts/singles.


AMRAP 15 minutes for quality:
20 second bottom of squat hold
15 Deck squats
10 second chin over the bar hold
10 Strict Pull ups
20 second hollow hold
15 Tuck ups 

Notes: Bottom of squat is an active position! Keep torso upright and weight in the heels. Hold length is cumulative so scale amount of time as needed.  Perform ring rows as needed.

Cool Down:

Foam Roll IT Bands/Quads
Cobra Stretch 1 min
Banded Super Rack Stretch 1 min/side

Great video to help improve your double unders! Like Diso says, “You’ll be doing triple unders before you know it!”


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