Wings For Life World Run




Let’s run for a cause Paradisoites! We have a nice little crew signed up already and anyone who’s up for it should jump on board! 

Here is the Nitty Gritty:

**  Wings For Life is a non profit organization run by Red Bull, raising awareness and funds for Spinal Cord Injury.

** WFL World Run is  happening in 35 places around the world simultaneously – everyone is running against each other at the same time! There are only 3 places in the United States and SoCal’s Santa Clarita is one of them.

**  There is no finish line! You start running and your race is over when the  ‘catcher’ car passes you. The catcher car starts pursuing runners 30 mins into the race, so it is completely up to you and your ability how far and how fast you run. There is no required distance to complete. Once you get passed and your race is done, you will be shuttled back to the start line. (According to personal goal calculator on the WFL web site, I will cover approximately 6K, running 9min/mile pace and the catcher car will pass me about 54 mins into the race.)

** Start time is at 3am on May 4th!

** We will be figuring out carpooling and pre-post celebratory activities. SoCal is expected to GO BIG as the start time is conveniently after bars close and we can’t let Red Bull down! Grab some glow sticks and let’s go! 

**  Male and female global winners will go on all paid trip around the world with fully charged Red Bull experience only Red Bull can deliver everytime they land. (To set realistic goals, the winners are expected to run approximately 55 miles before the ‘catcher’ car passes them.:))

** ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your registration fee goes to SCI research. Red Bull pays for all administrative fees associated with running WFLWR. 

Read more here and sign up here!






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