How to Become An Athlete and Accomplish Your Goals

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Thursday May 1, 2014


Super Rack Stretch w/ Band
Ankle Mobilization w/ Band
Wrist Mobilization

Warm Up:

With 53/35 kettlebell, 3 rounds of:
10 Swings
10 Goblet Squats
10 Cleans + Push Press (5L/5R)


EMOM for 7 minutes:
3 Position Clean 

Notes:  Perform 1 clean at each of the 3 positions. Advanced athletes work low to high (floor, above the knee, hip) and newer athletes may choose to work high to low.  Ideally these will be squat cleans but power may be performed.

Partner Conditioning:

In teams of 2, 1 working at time:

60 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
60 Front Squat
60 Jerk
60 Thruster
-20 minute cap

Notes:  Try and partner up with someone of equal ability.  Partition reps anyhow.  Ideally, there will be one barbell per team, but allowances can be made if needed.  

Cool Down:

Tabata Alternating Side Plank Hip Abductions


It is hard to find clarity in a field muddied with dogma, outsized claims, and science that seems to support both sides. Why does low-carb work for some people, and high carb for others? If food quality is so important, how did a nutrition professor go on a Twinkie diet supplemented with soda and Doritos lose 27lbs?

I am excited to announce that we have updated the Nutrition Resources on the website to help you take action in the midst of paralyzing headlines and conflicting information. We have distilled the information from our personal experience with private clients, the experience of our mentors, and feedback from a number of members that attended our nutrition talk back in March (thank you all, by the way!) to create what we know is a more practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow Nutrition Guide than what we previously had available. We do not wish to tell you what the perfect diet is with the guide, we want to give you a starting point, a plan of action, and the tools you need to achieve or make progress towards your goals in 6 weeks.

For those who do not want to add weighing, measuring, and tracking food to the already time-consuming tasks of cooking and cleaning, we created the “How to Estimate Your Food” guide. I am excited about this resource because it uses something most people have (a hand) to estimate how much of each type of food you should eat per meal (assuming 4 meals per day). This method should also be considered a starting point. For example, if you have a weight-gain goal and you aren’t gaining weight adjust your calorie intake up by adding a few more handfuls of food and see what happens.

After you’ve looked at the new nutrition resources let me, Diso, or any of the coaches know what you think. We will happily accept any feedback with an open mind! If you plan to track your progress with MyFitnessPal, bodyfat percentage, or even just a scale I am very interested to see what you did vs. what your results were so please feel free to share with me (even if you follow a different strategy than what we have outlined).

Author: Matthew Walrath

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