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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Theraband Routine
PVC Dislocates
Leg Swings

Warm Up:

1 min ME ring support hold
1 min ME bottom of dip hold
10 Supermans
10 Ring Rows

Classic Gymnastics Strength:

A) 4×5 MU Ring Row (DEMO)– Rest 1 minute

B) 4x30s Hollow Rocks- Rest 1 minute

Notes: Alternate A and B sets. For the Muscle Up Ring Row, work on catching a false grip as you extend your arms and lean back.  For the Hollow rocks, switch to an easy modification (arms at the sides, or bending a knee into the chest.)  

Advanced Gymnastics Strength:

A) 4×3 Strict MU- Rest 1 minute

B) 4x30s Hollow Body Rocks- Rest 1 minute

Notes:  For the Muscle Up, work on staying strict with a tight hollow body position, and not using your hips.  Use spotters as needed!


“Fight Gone Gymnasty”

3 rounds, 1 minute at each station:
Double unders
Inverted Burpees
L-sit (accumulated seconds)
Handstand push-ups
Rest 1 minute

Notes:  Move through each of the 5 stations and accumulate as many quality reps as possible.  May scale DU’s with singles, and Handstand Push ups with Shoulder taps.  Find a scale for pistols working toward quality range of motion.  L sit may be performed as a “chair sit”.  Score is total reps.

Cool Down:

50 Arch Rocks
German Hang 1 min




Most of you have moved swiftly from the Open into next year’s training, building strength in the Wendler Cycle, practicing skills on weaknesses and focusing on the fun movements and activities we love to do. While you all are regaining momentum for 2015, PCF Venice Team is slammin’ bars and reppin’ PR’s! We have spent countless hours training double days for Regionals in hopes to make it through to Carson for the CF Games in July. Since the majority of you are not around Venice from 1-5 pm you don’t get a chance to see the training we endure, the blood sweat and tears (yes McCoy cries) we pour into workouts. With the help of Frank, we have started a vlog to help show you guys the crazy amounts of Olympic lifting, strength training and met cons it takes to prepare for Regionals. The Team wants nothing more than to represent PCF with pride and muscle to the best of our abilities to make you all proud.

Lastly, the Games this year are expected to sell out not with in a half hour like last year but closer to 3 mins after tickets being released. Now the Games are at the end of July, but passes are being released tomorrow at 10 am and do you remember the panic that swept across SoCal when procrastinators did not have passes days before the event?? Take a lesson from last year and be ready to purchase your gold passes tomorrow morning.

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