And the EIE Challenge Winner Is…

This week we will be focusing on rowing technique:  Note the programming adjustments for Venice and MDR on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Open participants have until 5pm today to register and input their results from WOD 14.3.

Weekly Programming Links:  Group Class, Venice Barbell Club, Track Night

Monday, March 17, 2014


Fire Hydrants
Hip Extension with band
Posterior Chain Flossing


1 min Jumping Jacks
10 Pike Situps
5 Inchworms
10 KB Swings
10 KB Sumo Deadlift Highpull
10 Jumping Squats
Samson Stretch, 30 sec per side

Classic Strength

A) 5X5 Back Squat (rest 60 seconds)
B) 5X45 sec Handstand Hold (rest 60 seconds)

Notes: Alternate A and B sets adhering to the rest time.  Handstand hold ideally will be performed “nose and toes” facing the wall.

Advanced Strength

A) Back Squat: 1 attempt to establish a 20RM – rest 1:00 (before B)
B) Front Squat: Max Reps @ 100% of #1 (after 1:00 rest)

Notes: This is an adaptation week. Do not go to a true 20RM, but try to get close. Percentages will vary, but typically somewhere between 65-70% is a decent guess for loading. These should feel smooth and fast. Warm up to your working weight and focus on fast reset and perfect form.


5 rounds for time of:
12 Toes to bar 
12 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
Rest 1 min between rounds
-20 min cap-

Notes: Sub Toes to bar with knee-ups or v-ups.

Cool Down

Cobra Stretch, 30 sec
Pike Stretch, 1 min
Couch Stretch, 1 min each side
Pigeon Stretch, 1 min each side

2nd Place Female: Monica Bennet

2nd Place Male: Dan Anderson

Our mission here at Paradiso Crossfit is to effect positive change in society by improving people’s quality of life through health and fitness.  Our challenge is based on the motto, “Everything is Everything”, meaning every aspect of your life overlaps and mutually affects each other, with positive and negative consequences.  The lifestyle you live is not confined to the 1 hour you are present in the gym, but reflects your priorities across all 24 hours.  We believe that through positive changes in lifestyle (ie, nutrition, fitness, hydration, sleep, stress) we can effect positive changes in people’s long term health, quality of life, productivity, levels of stress, fertility and the health of their offspring.  What is good for the heart is also good for the brain.  This has a ripple effect within the community; positive changes lead to others eager to make change, leads to happier people, a more productive society, less crime, greater enjoyment of the outdoors, and (in terms of food) a greater awareness of locally sourced and sustainable farming practices.

We want to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s challenge and a well deserved congratulations to everyone who made improvements in their health and fitness, no matter how big or how small.  The improvements in your life and the hard work to reach your goals do not go unnoticed by your coaches, gym members, coworkers, friends, and family.  We hope that this is just the first step on your lifelong journey to constantly learn, experiment, and improve yourself both mentally and physically.  

And without further ado, here are the winners of the EIE Challenge!

1st Place – $500 plus next month free

Ted Zizik – 29 rep improvement on EIE WOD, Snatch from 95 to 167, Clean & Jerk from 175 to 225 goal, Back Squat improved from 245 to 305, and Deadlift from 300 to 375.  He dedicated himself to barbell club and put in consistent practice throughout the challenge.
Molly Hauge – 27 rep improvement on EIE WOD, with a goal of sub 10 min mile, she improved from 11 min to 8:20, increased 1rm Back Squat from 105 to 135, lost 3lbs, decreased body fat by 4.7%, and did her first ever Toes to Bar.

2nd Place – $250 plus half off next months membership

Dan Anderson – 8 rep improvement on EIE WOD, with a goal of being able to Snatch his bodyweight, he started the challenge with a body weight of 168 and a 135 Snatch (33# difference).  During the six weeks he lost 7lbs and ended the challenge at a body weight of 161 with a 155 Snatch (6# difference)!
Monica Bennett – 19 rep improvement on EIE WOD, with a goal of 10 strict pullups, she made it to 7 pullups from 0 at the start of the challenge. 

3rd Place Ties – $25 plus half off next months membership

Keith – 6 rep improvement, lost 9lbs, got bar muscleup, from Nov to present went from 22.6-17.7% BF.
Ian –  4 rep improvement, lost 15lbs, 10lb CJ PR now at 255#, 7lb BS PR, 5lb FS PR.
Christian – 10 rep improvement, Isabel from 6:37 to 3:55, Snatch from 125 to 145, got first muscle up.
Troy Aguila – 20 rep improvement, lost 12lbs.
Terri – 5 rep improvement, 10# PR on Snatch now at 75lbs.
Heather D – 12 rep improvement, down 3.2% BF, 1mile improved from 7:34 to 7:04.

Honorable Mentions

Dutch – Smashed his Double Under goal with new unbroken PR of 80, lost 6lbs, and got a bar muscle up.
Barry – improved by 13 reps, down 2% BF, and lost 4.5lbs.
Gully – 2:30 improvement on Nancy
Brian Lake – 7 rep improvement on WOD, Back Squat improved from 150 to 195, and Power Clean from 175 to 195. 
Judson – 18 rep improvement, and performed every workout Rxd during the entire six weeks. 
Damon – 8 rep improvement, Handstond Hold on average went from 2-3sec to 15-20sec.
Emma D – same reps but with 30lbs more for C&J on the workout, 1 HSPU with an abmat and 5 kipping, 1mile run went from 8:28 to 7:07.
Emma W – 8 rep improvement, 20 double unders unbroken, 10 Toes to Bar, and Power Clean from 120 to 145.
Estelle – 1 pistol, lost 2% body fat.
Liz H – 12 rep improvement, lost 8lbs.
Brenda – 10 rep improvement, lost 4.5 inches around waist.
Cara C – 2 rep improvement, Back Squat PR by 20lbs from 155 to 175, PR Snatch 90, lost 4lbs, and 2 Muscle ups.
Alana – 11 rep improvement, and 6:17 mile working towards a 6:00 mile.

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