EIE Testing Week


Official Challengers be sure to fill in your retest information on the Google Doc HERE by next Tuesday.  Winners will be selected and announced at the EIE post party on Sunday, March 16.  Details HERE.

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Monday, March 3, 2014


Monster Walks, 10 each direction
Fire Hydrants, 5 each direction, per side
Foam Roll Quads


400m Run
30 sec Plank Hold
5 Inchworms
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Pushups
10 Pullups/Ring Rows
Bottom of Squat, 30 sec

Classic Strength

4X3 Back Squats – Heavy as possible – 90 sec rest
4X Max Effort Strict Pullups- 90 sec rest

Notes: Alternate between movements. For BS emphasize full ROM and speed out of the bottom. For pullups, ideally use a spotter vs. a band or sub ring rows.  Control the entire range of motion from bottom to top for each rep.

Advanced Strength

4X3 Back Squats @ 90%- 90 sec rest
4X5 strict C2B pull-ups, then ME C2B pull-ups -90 sec rest

Notes: Alternate between movements. For BS emphasize full ROM and speed out of the bottom. For pullups, maintain a strong hollow position and if you cannot get all 5 strict C2B, finish with strict chin-over-bar before switching to kipping/butterfly.


800m Run
40 Wall ball (20/14)
40 Abmat Sit ups
400m Run
30 Wall balls
30 Sit ups
200m Run
20 Wall balls
20 Sit ups
-20 min cap-

Cool Down

Couch Stretch, 1 min each side
Samson Stretch, 30 sec each side
Downdog Ankle Stretch, 10 step each side
Keg Drill, 1 min

Thursday Swim Night!

What an exciting past week for PCF!  The first workout of the Crossfit Open was announced on Thursday and The Everything is Everything Nutrition Challenge officially ended this past Sunday.

It’s still not too late to sign up for the Open if you are still on the fence!  Everyone has until 5pm PST today to register and input their results from WOD 14.1 on the Crossfit Games website.  Enter your score, enter the judge that watched you perform the workout, and enter the location (Paradiso Crossfit), and we will verify your score on our end later.  If you have not performed the workout yet you can still come in and find a judge to record your total reps.  We had an epic showing of 98+ athletes complete the first workout at Friday Night Lights; make sure to stop by every Friday night at MDR over the next four weeks to see your training put into action!

If you completed the EIE Challenge, congratulations on 6 weeks of commitment to a higher quality of life!  For some people a nutrition challenge is the necessary catalyst to enact lasting changes towards a healthier lifestyle.  It also helps when their is a huge support group, an active Facebook page and  75+ fellow participants, and some serious cash on the line, $500+ cash and a one month free membership to the first place male and female!  Official Challengers will have until next Tuesday March 11th to retest and input your after data into the Google Doc HERE.  The retest workout is this Wednesday, March 5th, so make sure to practice your toes to bar!  The winners will be announced at the EIE post party on Sunday, March 16th, click here for details.

Let’s keep up the good work!

PARADISO CROSSFIT – OPEN WORKOUT 14.1 from Charlie on Vimeo.

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