Being a Team Player

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How much water have you had to drink today??

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Foam Roll IT Band/Quads
Monster Walks
Ankle Stretch

Warm Up:
30 sec Groiners per side
20 Mtn Climbers
10 Scapular Pullups
20 Lat Activations
10 Push Press
10 Back Squats

Classic Strength:
A) 4x Max effort push ups- Rest 90 seconds
B) 4×8 Back squats (as heavy as possible)- Rest 90 seconds

Notes: Perform alternating A and B sets. For push ups, focus on full range of motion (chest to ground and full elbow lockout).  Use a challenging incline if needed.  Resting in the plank position only is accepted.  Pick a challenging weight you can maintain across all 4 sets on the Back squats. 

Advanced Strength:
A) 4X5 Weighted Strict Ring Dips (DB between legs) + ME Kipping Ring Dips (drop DB, while still in support pos on rings, & begin ME Kipping) – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.
B) Back Squat: 4X8@80% – quick up and down with no pause every set, rest 90 sec.

Classic Conditioning:
7 rounds for time:
10 Single arm DB snatches (5R/5L) (50/30#)
15 Box jumps (24/20)
200 meter Run
-20 min cap-

Advanced Conditioning:
7 rounds of:
30 sec. ME Power Snatches 135/95#
Rest 30 sec.
30 sec. ME Row for Cals
Rest 30 sec.
30 sec. ME Muscle-Ups
Rest 30 sec

Cool Down:
German Hang 1 min
15 Reverse Snow Angels
Theraband Arm Circles




So proud of our team competitors at the Valentine’s Day Massacre!

As our team competition season is in full swing and with the Open being (OMG) 9 days away (!!!!!) it is important to recognize the importance of being a team player. There is more to being on a team than to show up to the team practices and performing your best on game day. So what makes a strong team player? Most people think back to the last time they were on a team and one person just didn’t perform, didn’t play along or resisted against the team. But can you remember the last time you were on a team and had an excellent experience? What qualities did your mates demonstrate? I made a small list of what I think it takes to be a super duper awesome teammate.

1. Ability to communicate. Being able to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings in a effective clear manner while being honest and direct can help you earn the respect of your mates. Open lines of communication during a practice/strategizing session or even during the thick of a wod will bring teams closer together and make the work most efficient. This also requires listening/hearing your teammates and keeping an open mind and being respectful of their opinions.

2. Flexible and quick to adapt. Along with being on a team comes the diversity of opinions/ideas to better the unit as a whole. Be understanding and flexible within your ideas and meshing together strategies or work. Often while working together strategies are constantly changing and obstacles get thrown at you therefore having the ability to adapt quickly without stressing can make a sticky situation smooth especially on game day.

3. Being reliable. The great thing about being on a team is that everyone brings different unique strengths together to form the ultimate unit. Showing up to practices, being smart about training so as not to get injured or overworked and being available for your team when needed shows your reliability. Also making sure you are aware of your strengths to help the team and know your weaknesses holding you back and working on both to better yourself – for the team.

4. Showing respect, support and commitment. Have the proper good attitude towards your fellow mates, show them that you care about what they do/think and be genuine! Times can get rough when you work with people you don’t necessarily want to work with or have a divided opinions on work, but giving your teammates respect and treating them as you would want to be treated is always the right thing to do. It shows your ultimate commitment towards the goals of the team. Be committed towards bettering yourself for the team!

These are only a few broad things to think about but you catch my drift. Being on a team is ALWAYS more fun than standing alone but being on a team with mates who all share the same interest, share these same attributes and can set goals and work together on them will rise up and WIN (or at least have a damn good time while trying to win).

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