Selective Functional Movement Assessments

Saturday February 15, 2014



Scapular Push ups (attempt in handstand) 2×15
Monster walks 2×20 ft

Warm up:

Row 500 m
-then 2 rounds of: (PVC –> BB)
7 Kang Squats
6 Position 1 High Pulls
5 Push Press
4 Push Jerks
3 Split Jerks


12 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max: Power Clean & Push Jerk

Notes: Work on perfect positions pulling the bar from the ground and being explosive at the hip. If an athlete is having trouble from the ground, master the power clean from the hang. Mastering the push jerk is a great way to strengthen and mobilize the shoulders. If this is still difficult or limits weight, go to the split jerk. 

Partner Conditioning:

Teams of 2 (man/woman)


50 Wall Ball (20/14# – 10’ Target)
40 Chest to Bar Pull Ups                                          
30 Power Cleans (135#)                                            
30 Dumbbell Thrusters (40#)                                    
40 Burpees                                                                
50 Kettlebell Swings (53#)


50 Kettlebell Swings (35#)
40 Burpees
30 DB Thrusters (30#)
30 Power cleans (95#)
40 Pull ups
50 Wall balls (14#- 9ft. target)


Both team members work at the same time, but may not progress to the next movement until both partners are finished with their reps. (i.e. Man can not move to C2B Pull Ups if woman is still doing KBS). Time is called when both partners have completed their entire ladder.  Figure out scales and progressions that will allow near constant movement throughout the piece.

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch x1′
Cobra Stretch x1′
Pigeon Stretch x1′


This past weekend me and Lindsay attended a course on the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment). This is just like the FMS but is more in depth and was designed more towards the medical specialist to help correctly diagnose dysfunction, which assists in preventing injury before it happens or expediting the rehab process by identifying areas of weakness. Whether it be lack of mobility or stability/control. The assessment is literally a head to toe exam, and is now implemented by most NFL, NBA, MLB teams. Every single pro golfer sponsored by Titleist (6,000+ golfers) is required to go through the assessment. It examines cervical mobility, ankle mobility and everything else in between. This is crucial, especially for those of you who have been dealing with a lingering injury that you simply cannot figure out. Or on the performance side, if you have been hitting a wall with your strength gains, you maybe are being held back by a body part that you have been seriously been neglecting.

I have already begun implementing some of these basic principles with my current patients and also into the on-ramp mobility class. It has only been a short while but the outcomes have been amazing.  So I’m really excited to announce that me and Lindsay will be available to perform these personalized mobility assessments by request. Each assessment will take approximately 45-60 min, and you will leave with an objective score of 0-21, depending on how well you performed each test, a list of joint/muscle specific impairments, and we will go over specific exercises/stretches that will  improve whatever impairment that may have manifested from the test. For PCF members, the assessments with everything included will be $60 ($90 non members).  Any re-test or reassessment will be $30.  I promise you that it will be money well spent. Learning how to fix yourself without relying on others is an invaluable tool that you can utilize for as long as you choose to do so.

Feel Free to email me with any questions: 




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