Christmas Abbott Workshop

If you don’t know who Christmas Abbott is, it is about time you do.  Not only is she an elite level Crossfit Athlete, but she is also a Level 1 Crossfit Headquarter Seminar Trainer, Box Owner of Crossfit Invoke in North Carolina, NASCAR Pit Crew member, Dog lover, and Tattoo Fanatic.  She will be coming to Paradiso Crossfit in Venice to host her own workshop, which focuses on nutrition and training.

There will be two parts to this one day seminar.

Part One

Fuel Your Body

Nutrition is the baseline of life. Create the strongest foundation of your life through a food plan that is made specifically for you. Whether you are competitive, maintainer or body modifying you need a food plan that is designed to help you succeed. Christmas will guide you on how to see food as fuel and enjoyment everyday.

Part Two

WOD Strategy

Understanding your workout is essential to eliciting the best results. Christmas breaks down various workout and training styles to give you a cheat sheet to your approach allowing you to take your training to the next level, no matter where you are with it.

Understand how to approach major benchmark WODs like: Fran, Hope, Grace, Filthy 50. Also get an understanding of how to approach Double Days, Strength then a Met Con, Competition Prep and Recovery.

This workshop is designed for ALL Crossfitters, not just competitors.  The cost is $185 per participant and it will be held on Sunday February 9th from 9-4.  

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Christmas Abbott

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