Ry Jarred

Remember our homework this week of 10 min mobility/skill work at home. By today your body is feeling the affects of the week, perfect time to mobilize! 

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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Fire Hydrants
Scapular Push Ups
Therband Circles

Warm Up

2 Rounds:

50′ Duck Walk
10 Bar Taps
2 Wall Walks
10 Cossack Squats

Gymnastics Strength

5×5 Strict Handstand Pushups
3x 1 Legless rope climb + 1 Rope climb (with legs)

Notes:  Try to rest around 60-90sec between sets.  Perform all sets of each exercise before moving on to the next. Use spotters for the handstand push ups and use a variation that will reinforce full ROM and proper form.  Sub 2 anchored rope climbs if needed.


 3 rounds for Quality:
100’ Handstand walking
10 Kipping Handstand push ups
10 Pull ups
20 Pistols, alternating
-20 min cap-

 Notes:  For the HSW, try your best to maintain that tight midline with feet together and toes pointed.  If you are still learning, practice THIS progression for 2 minutes each round.  If that is still too challenging, sub with 50 Shoulder taps. The HSPU can be partial ROM for practice.  The pull-ups will ideally be unbroken, performed with feet together and a tight midline.  Advanced athletes can try this with butterfly technique (still feet together and tight midline!).  For the pistols, work on keeping your heel down and finding full range of motion.

Cool Down:

1 min of each:
German Hang – accumulate 1 minute, take breaks as needed
Couch Stretch per side
Banded Lat Distraction



We have featured some veterans on this epic PCF blog. Those who have stood the test of time, tried every new progression and participated in every challenge and developed into a crossfit athlete. They are the roots to our family tree and make the coolest friends yet we must grow new branches! Time to dig back how ever far and remember your beginning days. Seeing new faces in on ramp get all fired up to learn a pullup really reminds you of how fun Crossfit is and reminds you how far you have come along. Ry Jarred you will see around Venice day time classes, always quietly lifting but steadily overcoming molbility issues and getting stronger! He is a pretty rad dude and you all should say hi sometime 🙂 Here is his beginning:
~When did you start at Paradiso?
I have been at Paradiso for about 4 months.
~How did you hear of crossfit? What was your intial opinion?
I met a crossfitter on the road about a year ago in Indiana and she left an inspired and positive impression about what crossfit was all about. 
~How was your first class?
My first class was awkward and humbling!  I thought I was in pretty good shape but crossfit has an amazing ability to let you know exactly where your conditioning is at and what you need to improve on.
~What does your family think about crossfit? How does that affect you?
I’m hoping my actions will speaker louder than my words but I would hope all my family and friends would give a crossfit a chance in their own lives.
~What health issues did you have before CF? What changed when you became a regular at CF? 
I was diagnosed with severe acid reflux when I was in grade school.  I remember the doctor at the time spoke of my condition as something I would have to live with and something that I would also have to take medicine for indefinitely.  Even after trying to adjust my diet and lifestyle over the years my acid reflux would persist.   I resigned myself to just excepting that I would always have Acid Reflux.  The alternative to not taking medicine for the condition would make things like just trying to get a good nights rest impossible.  
~Can you explain what has changed within your body (composition, weight, internal issues etc)
I gravitated towards crossfit out of curiosity and I was looking for something new and challenging.  In my time training at Paradiso Crossfit I’ve found a talented and passionate staff that has a wealth of knowledge they eagerly impart to everyone they train.  I feel very fortunate to have come in contact with the community they’ve created there.  In my own life crossfit has translated to many great things.  It was an unexpected side affect of my training and change in diet but after more than a decade of taking medicine for my Acid Reflux I decided a few months ago to stop taking it.   To my amazement I am completely symptom free and I feel better than I did when I was 20.  THANK YOU PARADISO!!!
~What are you short term goals for CF?
My short term goals with crossfit is to stick with it!  I think CF is about more than improving your strength and more about training for a healthy life.  The result of living a healthy life I believe are where my real goals and greatest accomplishments are at.  Being a positive force in the world around me is something I’m willing to train hard for for the rest of my life.  
~What do you like most?
I like all the movements and techniques the most that I need the most improvement on.
~What is your favorite move? Least favorite?
Clean&Jerk is my favorite movement and Clean&Jerk is my least favorite movement.
~How do you see CF affecting your personal life?
I think I’ll be needing a bit more sleep than I used to get.  The workouts at Paradiso have made sleep not only a necessity but also something I am thankful for and enjoy getting more than ever.

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