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Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Keg drill, 2 min
15 Scapula push ups
10 Wall Squats

Warm up:

2 rounds:
400 Meter Run
10 inch worms
10 Lat activations Narrow, Wide, Reverse
10 Bar Taps


5 x :30 Handstand Hold (freestanding if possible), rest 1 min
6 x :10 L-Sit on parallettes, hardest possible variation, rest :50
3 x 2 Legless Rope Climb, rest 2 min

Notes:  Perform all reps/sets of one movement before moving onto the next.  Use a spotter if needed for the HS hold in free space, but we want to see a tight/straight line with feet together and toes pointed.  Use the wall if needed and work on getting those wrists within a couple inches of the wall (again, use a spotter if this is challenging). For the L-sit, perform the hardest possible variation and focus on locked out elbows and bringing the hips forward.  If you are going for a true Lsit, your knees should be locked and toes pointed, pulled as high as you can!  Sub regular anchored rope climbs as needed.



12 min AMRAP for QUALITY:

3 Wall Walks
4 Invert to Lower on Rings – DEMO
100′ Bear Crawl
10 Grasshoppers (l/r equals one rep)

Notes: For the ring work, prioritize straight arms and focus on control the whole way down.  Use a spotter if needed.

 Cool Down:

Cobra Stretch, 1 min
Samson Stretch 30s each side
10 PVC Dislocates

Vintage Martina

As the EIE challenge progresses through it’s second week I encourage everyone to keep track of everything they are doing. Sometimes we get discouraged either by the number on the scale, or by the score we get on a workout, but we don’t always take the whole picture into account. If you didn’t PR, or don’t feel improvement on a specific movement, make sure you are keeping track not only of what you did the days preceding a particular test, but also what you have been eating, how you have been sleeping, etc. Coach Frank has been posting his nightly sleep hours on the blog recently and I encourage you to either post, or just keep a journal not only of your numbers, but of the timing of your meals and the amount of sleep you are getting each night. Logs like these will help you evaluate your performances and see what you have done in to achieve a specific milestone. A common acronym seen in workout blogs is M/F/S used for you to keep track of your Mood, Fatigue, Soreness on a given day using a scale of 1-10. This could be an easy way when you evaluate a particular workout or lift to see why you may have performed in a certain way. I often see people get upset about missing a snatch or clean and jerk on a max out day that is close to their PR when they possibly had a really hard week of training, or went out the night before, or didn’t sleep. It is important to keep track of all of these things, specially during a challenge!

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