Number 3!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Track Night at 7pm at Santa Monica High – Click HERE to reserve your spot!


Keg drill
15 Scapula push ups
Groiners/Gristle/Samson stretch


Skip rope 1 minute
10 Wall Squats
Skip rope 1 minute

Perform unbroken with pvc, or any weight barbell:
10 Good Mornings
10 Behind the neck Snatch Grip Press
10 Overhead Squats, hold the bottom of last rep

Then 2 rounds, 3 reps each unbroken of:

Power Snatch Balance
Power Snatch from Position 1
Power Snatch from Position 2
Power Snatch from Position 3
(second round is full squat)


20 min. to establish a max 3 Position Snatch

Notes:  Just like yesterday, focus on speed and being aggressive!  If you are still new to the lifts, prioritize your technique and feel free to perform all 3 reps from the Hang.


12 minute AMRAP of:
50 Double-Unders
20 Toes to Bar
10 Power Clean and Push Jerks 155/105

Notes:  Sub barbell jump overs for double-unders and V-ups/Tucks if you cannot perform toes to bar yet.

Cool down:

Jog 400 meters
Calf stretch
Samson stretch
10 Wall extensions

Get ready, shredders!

Yesterday’s post officially kicked off our “prep phase” for the next EIE challenge. Diso highlighted a couple of things you can do to ensure a plan is put in motion and just to piggyback his #2 suggestion, (take advantage of our nutritional services), I want to mention the meat ordering from uswellness.  I try to get these in once a week depending on the quantity, and all you have to do is mail in a screenshot of your order and we’ll handle the rest.  Eazy-peazy  and delicious.

The third thing worth mentioning in our prep phase involves support.  Typically in the pre-challenge phase, motivation and excitement are high as people are amped up ready to make changes (especially after the holidays).  This is largely attributed to the fact that the “starting something” is always new and exciting.  Flash forward to a few weeks in and the enthusiasm is a little duller, motivation might be waning, and outside influences start encroaching on your healthy bubble.  The people you surround yourself with can make all the difference and one of the most important things you can do in this prep phase is identify your support structure.  

Ideally, you’ll have the support of your family and friends at home during your program. (They don’t have to do the program with you—they just have to support your health efforts for the duration and beyond) Share the program and why you are choosing to embark upon this journey with those you care about. Make it personal—share your current struggles, your goals, and all of the ways you believe the program will make you healthier and happier. And don’t forget to ask for their support! Asking directly, “Can I count on you to support me through this?” lets them know how important these efforts are to you, and how much you’d value their encouragement and help.

Our online support is social media at it’s finest!

 Join our EIE Facebook Page! (Official page name is “Everything is Everything Challengers”)

If you are brand new to the gym or have been under a rock, this is hands down one of the best things that came out of our last challenge.   An incredible resource covering the gamut from shopping, prepping, cooking, sleeping, pooping, you name it, there is no question, comment, or concern that won’t be addressed here.

It’s worth sounding like a broken record so here it is:  Subscribe to or check the website daily!! (duh!)  We will be including very specific guidance throughout the challenge and will be posting it up weekly.

Mobilize your support team, stay connected and get ready!

More information coming soon!

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