EIE Challenge part Deux

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Monday, January 6, 2014


Keg Drill, 2 min
Supported Ankle Stretch, 15 each side
Side Planks with leg raise, 15 each side
Super Rack with Barbell, 1 minute

Notes:  For the Super rack stretch, this is not meant to be a static hold for a minute, but rather drive the elbows up and down, feel free to rest the bar on the back if you need and try to work into a better position 


Jog 200 meters
25 Jumping Jacks
10 Wall Squats
10 Good Mornings
10 BtN Press
10 Front Squats, hold the bottom of last rep for 10 sec
-Then 2 rounds, 3 reps each of-
Clean from Position 1
Clean from Position 2
Clean from Position 3
(second round is full squat cleans)


20 minutes to establish a new 1RM Clean & Jerk

Notes: Set a new baseline for 2014. Be explosive with the hips and be fast under the bar. Take your time transitioning from the clean to the jerk. Keep the chest up, be explosive with the hips and shoulders, and be fast under the bar with a perfect arm lock out.


5 rounds for total time of:
15 Target Burpees (6”)
20 Wall Balls 20/14
Rest 1:00 after each round.

Notes: Today also marks the beginning of our CF Games Open specific training.  Lets take the time to have everyone setup a legit 6″ target for their burpees and focus on our wall ball standards with quality squat depth and hitting the proper ball height.  Don’t be afraid to no rep yourself!  For the advanced athletes, each round should ideally be performed unbroken and as fast as possible, don’t be afraid of hitting failure.  Find your limits and go for it on round 1!

Cool Down

2 Rounds:
10 Wall Extensions
Wrist strengthening with barbell, 10-20 each way – DEMO
Sampson Stretch, 1 minute each

Congrats to Derrick, Steve, Robert, Travis, McCoy, Jeremy, Matt and Emmet representing Venice Barbell Club this weekend! (not pictured: Alissa, Amanda, Graeme, Neal)

Welcome to the preparatory phase of the Everything is Everything (EIE) Challenge!  The Challenge starts on Friday, January 17th with a workout challenge.  We will release the what the workout will be, how to sign up, the rules and all those fun details in the next day or two, but lets start with a quick thought on Challenges in general:

One reason we believe many people struggle to make lasting changes is that they are not quite sure where to begin and they make too many changes.  I recently heard Tim Ferris, author of 4 Hour Work Week and 4 Hour Chef, discuss why he thinks so many people fail when trying to learn how to be healthy and cook their own food.  He said the problem is that people view this as learning a single new skill, when it is actually a whole set of new skills:  learning how to buy your groceries, how to stock the groceries, how to prep the food, how to read a recipe, what tools to use (and maybe purchase), cleaning up after yourself…you get the idea.  In the end, the process can be overwhelming, especially when you incorporate changes you are attempting to make to the rest of your life, like sleep patterns, gym attendance, leisure activities, etc.  Remember, our goal is not just for you to create change over the 6 week challenge, but to create healthy habits that will continue for a lifetime.  So lets get started….

STEP 1:  Read and review our Nutrition Template HERE

This template will be a focal point of our challenge and is designed to be a prioritized list.  In order to avoid being overwhelmed, we want you to look at it like a checklist.  Start at number one and work your way down:

1.  Do I get plenty of sleep?  
Yes!  Check.  

2.  Have I eliminated sugar and all caloric drinks?  
Ummm…. I think I found my starting point.

We already know that point 2 is where most people will need to begin, even before the gluten free concepts and cooking your own food.  If you are not paying attention to your macronutrients and reducing the amount of sugar aka carbs you consume, this is where you should be focusing your energy!  We will discuss this approach in more detail, but for now we just want you to read it and figure out where you are.  Post any comments or email us if you have any immediate questions or concerns.

Step 2:   Start taking advantage of our Nutritional services!

Monday’s are an important day because this is when Brian’s Bowls releases their new menu and it is also the last day to order our Venice Merchant Produce.  Both of these services deliver to both gyms.

Brian’s Bowls – This is a service that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  Stock up on these frozen homemade meals and you will always have a quality food choice around.  They typically sell out by Wednesday to be delivered the following Thursday to your gym of choice.  That means you will have to get your order in this week to receive them the Thursday before the Challenge starts!  Click HERE to check out their website, get on their email list and start making a habit of ordering every Monday!

Venice Merchant Produce – This a great delivery service designed for those that don’t know what to buy or are looking to save time and money.  We did a side by side comparison with Whole Foods and found that one of the large orders, plus ground beef and eggs was not only $10 cheaper, but tasted better, supports local farmers and is way more convenient because you don’t have to go through the hassle of going to the store!  Click HERE or that big blue link on the right side of the website to check it out.  Deliveries are every wednesday around noon.

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