In my college days I was both simultaneously the poorest and hungriest that I can remember.  We’ve all been there. . You know…living on ramen and spicing it up with canned tuna and boiled eggs.  I was super active between my classes, a job, swimming daily and playing a crazy game/dance/ martial art called capoeira.

I could barely keep weight on and I was hella hungry all the time.  I was hungry and without any money which was not the best combination; therefore, always on the hunt for sustaining meals.  I was solicited by my friends to consume protein shakes but they were stupid expensive.  One of my buddy’s gave me a sample of his protein powder and it filled me up but it totally gave me gas for the next 24hour.  Hence I wasn’t going to purchase this $60, 15 serving fart bomb but I took a look at the protein powder ingredients and realized that the protein was mainly egg and whey (milk protein) and then a bunch of stuff I could only define if I was an organic chemist.  One night it came to me… after watching Rocky on USA.  I saw the scene where he cracks open raw eggs into a cup and drinks them.  I couldn’t wrap my brain around swallowing all those raw eggs but I thought -eggnog has raw eggs and I looooove eggnog.  So what the hell I gave it a go and made some eggnog-it was delicious!  Over the years I have I have refined my shake and it’s forever and always changing. I say with most food-no processed version is ever as good as the one you make yourself and you know exactly what is in it.  Our bodies quickly absorb ingredients that are bioavailable and complete (meaning nutrients in their natural state that the body can use without having to break them down).

You will find that making your own shake is relatively fast, easy and inexpensive in comparison and/or when implemented into your life style or just as a fun break from the norm.

Consuming Raw and Cooked Egg Tips:

  1. Source farm fresh eggs that are organic and pastured
  2. Pastured means that chickens foraged for bugs and ate vegetable scraps but was not fed a grain feed.
  3. You do not want the eggs from chickens that were fed a grain feed because most are GMO (genetically modified corn or soy) not to mention that chickens don’t naturally forage for grains.
  4. Commercial eggs are washed with chemical sanitizers and sprayed with preservatives; which can denature the egg’s nutrients.
  5. If you cannot find the answers to these questions from your grocer then seek out eggs from the local farmers market (Farmers markets are 4 days/week on the west side of LA) or a CSA like the Venice Merchant.
  6. A good egg is when you know and trust the source.
  7. FYI: average egg contains 6 grams of complete bioavailable protein.

Eggnog (my starter shake)


3 raw pastured eggs (additional eggs may be added)

8oz whole milk or mylk alternative (coconut, almond or hemp)

Pinch of nutmeg (Optional-fresh grated is the best)

1 tsp. raw honey (optional)
Directions: Vitamix and drink

 Buttery’s Protein Shake (the shake I do now)

2-raw pastured eggs

8-oz raw milk or mylk (almond, coconut or hemp)

2-tbpn raw cold pressed coconut oil

1-tbsn raw seed mix (recipe below)

1-tbpn raw cocoa

Optional additions:

1-tspn-maca root (great for energy, hormones and libido)

4-coffee beans

1-tspn raw honey

1-spoon almond butter

1-banana or berries

Instructions: Blend or Vitamix and drink

Seed Mix-Seeds are totally underestimated. Seeds are a great source of bioavailable good fats, protein, minerals and amino acids. They are highly reparative to the body and large part of our ancestral diet.


¼ cup chia seed

¼ cup sesame seed

¼ cup flax seed

¼ cup pumpkin seed

¼ cup hemp seeds

Directions: Place all seeds minus the hemp seed in a grinder, vitamix or food processor and grind to a powder. Add the hemp to the mixture when complete. Store in Mason Jars.


-Only grind a weeks worth at a time.

-Do not grind the hemp seed because it will just turn to a paste.

Usage: Sprinkle on Salads, yogurt/kefir/cottage cheese, use in smoothie and protein shakes. Other uses: use in place of breadcrumbs in meatballs and meatloaf.

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